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A product line in smart country-living style, inspired by farmhouse kitchens that blend beautifully into warm and cosy interiors
Our tea towels selection is made of 100% pure cotton for maximum absorbency, soft to the touch; particular attention paid to design, weave and finishing detail.
Some of them are sold by sets of 2 or 3 pieces

JEAN VIER is one of the most prominent trade mark for houselinen in France. They are made in South-West of France (Pays basque), and have a reputation of durability. The pattern of the tea towels represent - for most of them- the typical and famous product of this area, such as Espelette chili, the tapas, etc...

The LE MINOR workshops of Pont L'Abbé, in Brittany, founded in 1936 by Marie-Anne LE MINOR, dressed regional dolls and embroidered by hand table linens, banners for religious processions, tapestries, curtains, traditional costumes, etc. Gildas LE MINOR, grandson of the founder, today manages the LE MINOR workshop, perpetuating its savoir-faire and continuing its tradition, thanks to the talents of designers attached to Brittany. From this collaborative effort are born collections of embroidered and printed table linens which marry highest quality materials and the knowledge of fine handwork.


House Linen for Kitchen: Tea-towels and Aprons

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